Friday, March 21, 2008

Coming Soon:

This is more or less my plan for this blog in the near future, with random interjections in between:

I. Natural Light Photography
-Aperture Basics
*Depth of Field
*Flash Impact
*How it affects shutter speed and ISO settings
-Shutter Speed Basics
*Fast Shutter Speeds
*Slow Shutter Speeds
II. My Workflow
*Photoshop and Adobe Raw
*Raw vs. Jpeg?
*Backing Up
*Photomanipulations and Digital Paintings
III. Strobist-esque Lighting Techniques
-What flash do I buy?
-How does it work?
-There's math involved?
-Why not just leave it on the camera?
IV.Random Other Hobbies(possibly)
-Soldering/Electrical Work
-Internet Videos

Keep in mind that they may not come in this order, and other details may be changed along the way.

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